Too Big for Petite Body - I Want Them Removed

I have had augmentation 5yrs ago and theya re...

I have had augmentation 5yrs ago and theya re beautiful but way to big for my petite body. I want them removed.

my experience is mixed as the surgeion was great as far as bed side manner but he should have known that I shoudl have only ahd a lift not implants placed as i was quite clear that I wanted to be small and he made me large for my petite body (5'4" and 112 pnds).

please give advice for implant removal
can i know the name of the doctor and his phone please
If you are that unhappy remove them, see how you look after the removal and decide if you need a nothing, a lift only, or a lift and small implant. all these are options available for you. The decision on what is the best surgery for you depend on what you want your breast to look like.
Name not provided

if you want natural large looking breasts he is great.

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