Implants Are Showing Through Skin and Might Need to Be Replaced

At first I loved them. Now that I am having...

At first I loved them. Now that I am having problems not so sure. It pokes through my skin and it moves around. Feels strange. I am scared to re do them. The pain was horrible and to have to re pay is going to set me way back.

I had my surgery 8 months ago and my implants are showing through my skin. Doctor said my tissue is thinning out, so the implant is falling forward.And that I need to have a gel implant instead. Is this normal? I have never heard of breast tissue thinning out.
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I have had problems and dont want to send any one else in case theres go bad too. Id feel horrible.

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I had saline overs and switched to memory gel partial unders. I have no body fat so I rippled terribly it was disgusting. My new implants still have some rippling but not nearly as much, it's a huge difference and I like them MUCH better.
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Do you have overs or unders? I had saline overs with terrible rippling. I recently switched to silicone unders and I can still feel the implant some. I have very thin skin.
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This could be due to the implant herniating through the breast tissue, especially if it was done over the muscle. You may benefit from having a plastic surgeon reposition the implant below the muscle, making sure that the breast tissue layers are properly closed. This will keep the implant from herniating too close to the skin. However, you will need to visit a qualified doctor to properly diagnose the problem. I would recommend visiting several board certified plastic surgeons for a secondary exam.
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