Iam a Transexual and Want my Implants Removed

Really bad. i felt the whole thing it was done in...

really bad. i felt the whole thing it was done in a really dodgy clnic in a back ally in thailand 4 months ago. i want them out coz iam a transsexuall who wants to stop their transition. they're sillicone and 450 cc.

iam a male to female transexuall and want my implants removed will my skin go back to normal after surgery coz i want to stop my transition? i had implants under local anthectic in thailand and it was so painfull in a clnic.


It is possible that the skin will shrink. It depend on the size and the elasticity of the skin Now your surgery will need to be done under generam anesthesia because you need to remove the implant and the capsule to allow for better skin shrinkage
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How long ago was your surgery? You are more likely to experience sagging or loose skin the longer your implants are in. This related thread explains in greater detail: Breast and scar appearance after explantation

Best of luck with whatever you decide to do.

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i had my surgery 4 months ago there 450 cc silicone implants iam just worried if ill have sagging skin will excersize mabey get rid if the loose skin? thank you for your help xx
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