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I had breast lift and implants - round, smooth,...

I had breast lift and implants - round, smooth, saline under muscle, 375 cc. My height is 5'5' and weight is 120 lbs. Now, it seems like my left breast is hanging lower and has a dent. The nipples on both breasts are positioned high up compared to the rest of the breast tissue. I also have rippling on both breasts. I got my surgery a week ago.

Pros - I like my size. I got 375 cc saline round smooth under muscles.

COns - I may have to go for revision surgery because of bottoming out and double bubble effect. I am praying that this will disappear on its own. But probably it will not.

I did this because I had really sagging breasts and very little breast tissue. I had not counted on getting this complication.

Please let me know how much revision surgeries usually cost and if it is a good idea to go to the same surgeon or to go to someone specialized in revision surgeries. I do not know if my surgeon would be able to do it...I have to talk to him this week.

I wanted to find out how soon if you would consider going for revision surgery if you suspect that you may have bottoming out or double bubble effect after getting breast implants?

Update to the above post - I did have corrective...

Update to the above post - I did have corrective surgery on my left breast as it bottomed out three months after having my inital surgery. thankfully, it turned out to be great and the rippling disappeared on the breasts. Overall, I am very satisfied with my results. I guess you have to be very patient and not go by the initial results but give your body enough time

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Hey Riya73 I had my surgery almost 3 yrs ago and developed a capsulary contracture and after 3yrs had the same surgeon take care of that complication, however now that breast has bottomed out and I am very nervous about goin back to the same surgeon....did you go to the same surgeon that did your initial surgery and if so, may I please get the name of that surgeon Thanks
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hii can you please give me the name of the doctor and the phone number please is very important for me
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I had the same problem. I went to the same surgeon 9 months after the initial surgery for a revison, even though the bottoming out occured pretty soon after the inital surgery. He tried but did not fix the bottoming out and now I have extreme pain in the right breast. I did go to another surgeon for yet another revison to fix bottoming out 3 years after inital surgery and he made some improvement but it still looks bad in my opinion. Argh. I wish I never go the surgery done. This has made my life hell.
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