A Little Sore After 3 Weeks but Overall Very Happy

I love the way my implants look i am a little sore...

I love the way my implants look i am a little sore after 3 weeks but over all very happy. only problem is that every time i get up from lying down i have heat pain in right breast Dr. said pain should go away.?????

i had breast implants about 3 weeks ago a little sore but worried about intense heat pain form one breast when get up from lying down.
where do you did it? and when if you ca give me the phone number please.
do what i did to figure out what is wrong, go to a free consultation with a different surgeon and ask them whats up. also, if you find a doc you like from out of town, you can send them photos, and explain your problem and the doctor will tell you whats wrond. i am in texas, and need a revision for capsular, so i feel your pain :(
where did you go the price isnt very expensive
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