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Love my implant it is just big for my lifestyle. ...

Love my implant it is just big for my lifestyle. I wanted more fullness. I have to choose clothing well, because I am small and will look top heavy if I don't.

I had implant silicone mentor 350HP in February of this year. It is too big for my lifestyle and frame (5'3 114pounds). I am waiting at least six months before I ask my surgeon to change implant- would like to change to 275 or 250 mod plus. I am worried about skin looking too streched after change. What should I expect? is this change worth the money and pain? I love the way my implants look now- but I don't want anyone to know and have to hide them daily- I just bought a minimizer bra.

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I have the same situation. I am 5 feet 7 and have 339 mentor cc. Even though I told my P S that I wanted the results of my implants to be a small C cup or Large B he insisted that I needed 339cc due to my height. Now my cup size is a D. I now always wear a minimizer bra. I am waiting to afford a redo. Wish I had never had the first procedure done.
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I also have the same situation, except I am only 5' 4" tall. I only had the procedure done 7 weeks ago, but I can already tell that they are larger than what I wanted. I may ask to have them re-done; although I can't really afford it. My surgeon put in 330 ccs filled to 350. I think I really should have gone around 280 ccs.
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Dear Jessica, I am also ur height, 118 pounds, narrow body frame, my shoes size is 6.5. My ps suggested me allergany moderate 10, 270 cc. He said it would give me a full B. I heard so may stories about going big, I am afraid 270 moderate would be too small for me. What do you suggest? Thank you!
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