Breast Implants Don't Project As I Expected They Would

I had breast implant surgery 1 week ago and my...

I had breast implant surgery 1 week ago and my breast does not project out enough.

Will my breast project more after the implant settles in like six months.
sim1986 im looking into getting my boobs done im from ca but living here in wa can i get the info on the place you went to & what made you not get the saline???
Hi Sim1986 I'm looking for a breast augmentation in/near Seattle. Can you share more about your doctor and experience with them? How did u find the surgeon? Do you recommend them? Very very much appreciate help. ~k-Seattle
hi k-seattle first i must let you know my surgeon is a very laid back man he doesn't have a fancy clinic, when i went for my first consultation just looking from outside i wanted to go back home because i was use to the big fancy clinics.I had looked him up on the americans board of plastic surgeons and he was a board certified plastic surgeon for the past i thought i was already there it was only $3900 because i was going to do saline(i ended up getting silicone}i went in, he was great he listen, he talks,he spend time with me,he has a nice personality,he care about my happiness in more ways than other doctors would,he was there for me throughout my surgery and still his, always calls me back,i had concerns after surgery and he left his home at 9pm to see me etc. and ofcourse i love my breast just wish they were a little bigger but that was my fault i insist on my size.if you want a great doctor but dont care for a fancy facility with all these nurses and staffs he may be the one for you.{the place is nice and clean inside}let me know i'll give you all the info.not all cheap doctors are great doctors.
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