Breast Implants to Recover Fullness - a Huge Mistake; How Soon Can I Have Them Explanted?

I had breast augmentation to recover the fullness...

I had breast augmentation to recover the fullness that breast feeding along with age; now that its over I feel like I made a bad decision and I want the implants removed.

Just wondering if there is a time frame before the implants perhaps adhere to the chest wall? thanks

I recently had breast implants and have now realized that this is a huge mistake; how soon can I have them explanted? thanks
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I'm curious too. After adjusting to my implants in 2009 my adjustment fell apart! Some time that winter I saw a picture of myself and HATED what I looked like with these huge knockers. I have never been comfortable with them again. I lost weight since then; I'm 5'2", 102 lbs. with 500cc hi-profile implants. I feel like a freak. Because I'm in my 60's I know my skin has no elasticity, so removing them is out of the question. I talked with the surgeon recently and will possibly exchange them for a 400cc low-profile.
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I realize this is an old post, but I'm curious. What did you decide to do?
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I agree, it's kind of soon to make the decision. There is DEFINITELY an adjustment period! I began to hate mine almost immediately, and I couldn't find bras to fit which was very upsetting. After 5 months I'm happy with them except for an occasional relapse when some article of clothing doesn't fit right!
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There is nothing stopping you from having them removed immediately, but some doctors are hesitant to do it right away, for two reasons:

1 - There is an emotional adjustment period with implants, and they want to make sure removing them is what you really want.

2 - Healing. If you're still recovering from the implant surgery, they might be hesitant to compromise the tissues by going back in right away.

This related thread explains things a bit further: When is it safe to have breast implants removed?

Good luck with whatever you decide to do.

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