Breast Aug 10 Years Ago, I Have Since Had 2 Kids

I had a good experience with my breat aug. My...

I had a good experience with my breat aug. My doctor was great and the pain was not that bad at all. I just want my left breast to look normal again but will not be able to afford a new surgery without an insurance claim to mentor to pay for my new implants!

Hello, I have a 10 year old breast augmentation. I have since had 2 kids and successfully breast fed both. I was about 130 lbs. when I had the surgery and am now 118 lbs. and I work out quite a bit. My left breast has become extremely ripply, it looks as if there may be a leak in the implant. I saw my surgeon and he told me to apply pressure to the implant to see if it would deflate any more. Well it hasn't. Is it possible for it to have had a slow leak but sealed back up on its own? It is also bumpy and feels like there are air pockets in the implant. The one on the right is fine, smooth no ripples at all. I am wanting to know if the implant itself may be bad so I can file a claim with mentor and perhaps have the implants replaced at no cost due to their lifetime warranty they carry. Thank you for your time!

I don't think the implants are defective. I believe you have lost weight and some breast tissue with time. You should talk to your surgeon about replacing your original implants with silicone implants under the muscle.

Good luck!
Yes, they appear much more natural and are more comfortable as well. The recovery time was very minimal and was back to work in 4 days. Wish you well!!
Breast implants back then (10 yrs ago) only have a life expectancy of about 8-10 yrs. I had my implants originally done about 9 yrs ago and had the same problem as yourself - I lost 30lbs and had a great amount of rippling. My doctor told me it had nothing to do with the implant itself, it was due to the amount of weight loss and the lack of breast tissue remaining (fatty tissue). He also said implants usually need to be replaced after that amount of time regardless. I just had my saline implants changed out for silicone (I still have some rippling but nothing like before the replacement). The doctor said because I still lack body weight and fatty tissue in the breast area, rippling will always be an issue. There is a remedy though - called Alloderm which is fatty tissue from the deceased injected into the rippled area. I know it sounds horrid and it is costly from what I understand. Good luck on whatever you do to repair your situation.
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