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Breasts Deflated After Breast Feeding - Prague

I had my boobs done as they deflated after breast...

i had my boobs done as they deflated after breast feeding my daughter iv loved them and i am much happier but now i have noticed my right one bottoming out and i feel slight pain in it too. i had 430cc's under the muscle

i am very scared of the pain and going through another operation.

Name not provided

they were a very good surgery

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Don't know whether this will make you feel better, but 2nd time is not half as painful as the first op. IMO you need to see you PS about this and getting it fixed, otherwise you will not feel confident with yourself! Good luck girl!
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Hmmmm, don't know about your question, but seems odd that you would post a topless picture of yourself on the net with your face showing. As a mom, I would consider taking this pic off and putting one up that does not tell the world who you are. Just my .02.
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so what if she uses her face that's none of your business.
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if u dont like it dont look..cuz who r u to judge its not like this is facebook dumbass...
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