Implants for Fullness - Air Bubble on Top of One Implant?

Breast implant them but one is a...

Breast implant them but one is a little larger than the other...I did it becus one breast was less full and I wanted them..

Have a air bubble on the right top implant..juts noticed it when I was having my period. It feels like a little suishy balloon. If u push on it, it feels like a little air bubble. No pain or sensitivty.

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he was a plastic surgeon but also an artist (draws,paints,sculpts in fine arts...he also helps burn victims and performs reconstruction on badly deformed children.

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I to feel a bubble like spot, but the spot I feel is on the side. I have implants also.
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Have your plastic surgeon examine you to see if there is any problem with your implant. How long ago did you have them done.
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