Want to Go Bigger After the Breast Augmentation Surgery

I had breast augmentation 6 weeks ago, I went to...

I had breast augmentation 6 weeks ago, I went to small. I love the idea, but just didn't go big enough. Now what?

I went about 100cc's to small. I would like to know if I have to have the full breast augmentation surgery again. My implants were filled at the minium so they could still be filled up another 100ccs. I chose saline.


If you are completely certain that you are too small then upsizing implies going back to the operating room. You'll need to be in the same sterile environment that was used when your implants were placed. It's unlikely that you have a full 100cc's to go up with those same implants. I've had to deal with this once before (only she thought they were too large). It turned out after a few weeks that she was very happy with her result so be sure and give it enough time. Sometimes we'll need to use a completely new implant, especially if the size is way too small for what you wanted. I would first find out how much room there is in your implants (it's probably a lot less than you think). Next, you'll need to help your plastic surgeon understand how much larger you want to go. This could potentially involve saving your implants and filling them to the max just under a little IV sedation thus avoiding the anesthetic. Typically, the cost is not a full augmentation charge. In under a year, most plastic surgeons under this circumstance will revise their surgery at no cost but you'll need to pay your anesthesia and operating room fees (and maybe even the implant if the industry rep can't switch them out at not cost). Best of luck on this tricky situation. DoctorMeade
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