Very Unhappy - Got Implants After Having 2 Kids

Pros. To be able to look great naked again. After...

Pros. To be able to look great naked again.
After having 2 kids they were gone.

I though I found the great PS. was I wrong. She just cared to get the money and thats it. If I know it was gone be like this I would of never had it done. Now I have to spend more mony to Fix what someone messed up.

Photo Update

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Did not care much after Postop care, and would not listen to me, when i said something was wrong.

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how did they get bigger after 2 years?!
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Why such a difference in size after two years? I am confused how that would/could happen.
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Your PS's attitude may have been offputting, but they look great. The asymmetry looks like it came on well after the surgery...are you left handed/ do you favor one side more than the other? They still look very nice, no scarring.
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