BA 2 Weeks Ago - Trying to Be Patient but Breasts Sit High in my Chest

I read so many stories that other women put on the...

I read so many stories that other women put on the internet and the night before surgery i was actually very nervous. I kept thinking what have i done and i was dreading the pain. I am here to tell you for me personally, it was nothing like the stories i read it hasnt been bad at all im 2 wks out. The hardest part is hurry up and wait.

I had my BA a little over 2 wks ago and today they seem to be sittin higher in my chest than just yesterday and when i do my massage i can feel them in my chest is this normal at 2 wks out?


Mine took two months to settle into place, time and gravity will prevail.
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same here. 3 weeks out! FIngers crossed.
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Hi I am 3 weeks post op and mine are still high and one clevage looks square as well as the left breast being higher and smaller so all we can do is hope and wait to see if they settle.
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Dothan Plastic Surgeon

Dr. and his staff have been extremley attentive and patient to all of my many questions and concerns

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