Too Small? 4 Weeks out and I Still Have No Cleavage

I am only 4 weeks out and am really sad that after...

I am only 4 weeks out and am really sad that after all this trouble and expense, I still have no cleavage and small breasts.


I have felt the same way!! I already want to get mine redone and get bigger. I do have cleavage but they do not protrude like I thought they would. They are much fuller and big around but in clothing no one can tell unless I want to look like a slut and wear revealing clothes. What size did you get, CC? What did you have before? I got 435cc and I had a full B before, mine are under the muscle. I wish I would have went bigger I was scared I was going to look like Pamela Anderson so I did not go very big. I said I wanted a full C small D when I wish I would have went more with a full D. I plan on getting my redone in a few years, it has only been 2 months for me now. Everyone tells me give them time to settle they will look bigger. We will just have to see.
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I felt very comfortable with him, but unfortunately had my mind made up on sizing before I got his opinion.

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