5'6" and 135, Saggy C to 550cc D/DD - Implants Are Too Big

It has been 4 weeks from my breast augmentation. I...

It has been 4 weeks from my breast augmentation. I went from saggy C to D/DD with 550 cc. They are way too big and still very sore. I am 5'6 and 135. I wanted firm and to look sexy and thin but not fat and porno - which is how I feel now. Under muscle procedure with saline implants.

How long to wait for reduction? Will I need a breast lift now? I am still very sore, how long will that last?

Hi Beachhouse1,

There's another RealSelf member with a similar question:

Are my Breast Implants too big?

She was three weeks out when she posted her question and the consensus among the docs seemed to be that there was still some swelling. Perhaps this is the case for you too?

Good luck with your recovery!

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I think he did a good job and provided excellent skills. I do wish he counseled me more on what this would look like - send home "trial implants" to get a "feel" of the size chosen in my clothes.

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