Tighteness and Sharp Pain in the Lower Right Side of the Breast After Breast Implant

I had breast implant done on August 14th,2009. I...

I had breast implant done on August 14th,2009. I chose Silicone Memory Gel and my implants were placed under the muscle.

My right breast is slightly tighter and higher ( about 1/2inch) than the left one, when I first get up in the morning my breast is tight and I have a sharp pain on the lower right side of my breast however as soon as I start moving the pain goes away.

At my one week postop visit, my doctor asked me to wear the support bra ( Bali) day & night and didn't recommend massaging, I am due to see my PS in 6 weeks.

What is the pain from? Should I go back to see my PS before the 6wk appt if the pain persist? and what the chances of the right one dropping even with the left one?
who was your PS ?

You're still pretty early on in the healing process, so whether you go back sooner is probably a judgement call. If it's really bothering you, definitely give your doc a call. But it's probably just part of the recovery, unfortunately. That's my 2 cents. Some of the other ladies on RealSelf who have been through breast augmentation will perhaps guide you further.

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Good luck with your recovery!

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Can't recommend my doctor because I haven't seen the final results

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