Implants - Think I Have an Infection/capsular Contraction

Saline.. 315 and 325cc, under the musclePros: ...

Saline.. 315 and 325cc, under the muscle

Pros: Boost of confidence, feel great in cute tops and swimwear

Cons: The first 3-days my right boob felt like it was on fire. Felt horrible. Took longer to heal than normal. Scary for me.

Why I did it: Knowing the boobs are still there after the bra comes off. I am all of 4'11, 115lbs, baby face with no breast. I wanted to look like an adult and not a middle school girl.

I have pain on the right breast. Especially after running. It hurts when I sleep. There is much pain coming back after several months of having them put in. They also look like the implant is falling out. One side the scar is cut at an angle so it makes look like one big is bigger.

How do you know if you have an infection/capsular contraction? Please help on what to do?


Thanks Lyaros... Have a doc appointment in a week with another surgeon. We'll see what happens. In the mean time just cut back on the type of exercise and take 800 mg Motrin. Seems to work but don't want to have to take motrin every other day to feel good and sleep.
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You definitely should get a second opinion you have massage them every single day definitely go see a doctor they look swollen and something doesn't seem right with them. Its better to know what is going o with them! Get a second opinion
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The doctor was good. Many other girls I know went to the same doctor and have had great results with no or little pain. Everyone is different and how their bodies act with foreign objects varies.

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