Texured Implant Rippling

Could have been more informed adout the different...

Could have been more informed adout the different kinds of implants I waould have said no to having textured implants . I had small rippling in my old implants on the bottom so i knew i needed to do all i could to prevent rippling.

In 1998 I had my first implant surgery,I went from an A cup to a C cup with 425cc saline implants. Two months ago i had them replaced with 650cc textured gel implants. Now I have rippling on the tops and insides of my breast. I am so upset, Will switcking to smooth gel help? Do I go smaller or the same size. I am so upset and do not want to make the wrong decision. Please help!!!


My PA said smooth texture behind the muscle should give less chance of rippling . Also depends on how much breast tissue there is to cover the implant .
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Texturized implants are notorious for rippling. Smooth wall implants should help you but this cannot be guaranteed. The "gummy bear" implant might be the solution for patiens with rippling issues, but they have yet to be released for general consumption in the US. They might have other aesthetic issues as well. Probably best to convert to smooth wall silicone gel.
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I was not informed about textured implants

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