Stretching of a Breast Implant

Breast Implant done two weeks ago yesterday. They...

Breast Implant done two weeks ago yesterday. They are Great!! Healing very well. Dropping really fast too. My Dr. is the Bomb!! I Love Him

What do I do if I stretched the skin underneath my breast between the pocket and my stomach. I was reaching and felt a stretching as if skin was being stretched out. There is no pain but I notice that there is a very very small gap between the implant pocket and where my skin meets flush. Ive pushed the implant down and it is completly in the pocket so the pocket is not streteched out.

Miami Plastic Surgeon

Dr is Great!!!

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Can you say where you got your breasts done? i really want to get mine done and would love any guidance as to where to look.
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could u say where in miami u got those done? I must say they are looking fab.
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Hi neeka -- Provider info is shown at the top of the review. HTH!

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Are they silicone or saline?
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where did you get yours done? I may have to have a redo, and 3 grand is great!
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those look really good! especially for the price you paid, that's awesome! how painful do you think it was and what size is that?
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