Lift and Augmentation - Still Have Some Concerns

After having my 1st child at a young age, I never...

After having my 1st child at a young age, I never knew what it was like to have a chest to be proud of.

I had a lift and augmentation in May. Since the surgery I have had several issues that I do not feel I have gotten a solid answer on.

I had a lot of bruising on one side which was gone in 3 weeks. I have never been a bleeder. I have had several stitches come through and removed. I have been told to wear the band as needed to get my one breast to drop. I have been told to massage under the breast that had the bleeding, that will not drop to help work out the scar tissue.

In the past couple of days I have noticed that the stitched in the incision going from the base of the breast tot he nipple are becoming more noticable to the touch causing my concnern that they too are going to come through.

I was told i could have another procedure to remove the scar tissue and remaining stitches "but that will cost money". I do not want another surgery nor the expense. What should I do?
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I wish I had gone with one that was more informative and confident in explainations. I feel I am doing as I feel needed not what needs to be done in the situation.

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I had mine done 6MAy and my right is GREAT, but smaller than left ,and left side is a lil bigger and ugly stiching...dr. said that's just how it is healing I too feel a few stiches pretruding..he said that is normal??...I too am concerned and want more even breasts.. I have a question becaue I am considering the lift Do the scars to the nipple LOOK OK??I know many Dr.s recommend lift but it seems so invasive!
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The lift seems fine. That is the part of the stitches. Though my nipples do not seem to be centered - I think it is because my one boob has not yet fully dropped. A family friend had a augmentation about 3 weeks prior to me and no lift - she wishes she would of done the lift.
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I've heard of doctors offering to split the cost in situations like this - you pay for the anesthesia, OR, etc. and their time is basically "free". Do you think that's an option for you?
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