Breast Implant Revision Was Not a Success

I had have had implants for a year now and I...

I had have had implants for a year now and I always thought one was lower causing a high riding nipple. My surgeon thought he could fix the problem more easily by repositioning the nipple. It now looks like I have a stretch mark around the areola and it has been 3 months since this revision.

I regret this and should have just made him raise the implant. I think I will just go to a great revision surgeon after I have kids and reuse my crease incision.

What would be reccomended to get rid of a stretch mark and year old scar from breast implants?


I think that 3months may still be to early to judge your result. It is very difficult to be patient when your expectations are not met. You may be wise in your decision to wait until you have your children to undergo revision if necessary. The effects(hormonal) of pregnancy on the breast can be very dramatic in some ways. Improvement of the scar and nipple assymetry may occur.
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Dr. Jack Peterson

I need someone who can take the time to listen to me and not get defensive if i need an adjustment. He didn't even want the results on his site so why would he expect me to live with them.

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