Satisfied Patient Now Seeks Answers on Ruptured Saline Implants

Love my implants-have not given me any problems in...

Love my implants-have not given me any problems in 10 years or cause for concern until now. I had the procedure because after breat feeding a child my breast changed. They seemed to have lost their perk and some size.

They did wonders for my self esteem and still do. I chose saline as I felt it was healthier for my body.

Can you feel a saline implant leaking? My right implant feels weird today, I am having tingling sensations and it feels cold to the touch,opposite of left one.No change so far in breast shape though but feels very weird and even heavy. I am afraid to touch it too much as if it is leaking I dont want to help the deflation process:-)


I looked up info on internet under chiropractor and ruptured implants, also asked global surgery(my provider for Dominican republic and the doctor).If I had known I wouldn't have my mid back adjusted.
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when your saline implant ruptures, it deflates in a few hours,it can take few days.This has happened twice.Last was the last straw,on 27th of Dec 2009,I'm flying to DR for replacement with cohesive implants for both sides(gummy bear implants;don't leak) tonight.My decision is based on early appointment and excellent reviews of Dr K.Camilo(Global Surgery).This is my fourth operation since 1993(#1 horrible 4 inch scar, improper positioning(no pocket to hold implant;price 2500$CDN),#2 superb reconstruction saline Dr Core,Alabama,the best,no scar showing(built a pocket inside) priced 5500USD., #3, returned to Alabama(same Doc) 3 years later for left ruptured(?cause),waited almost 2.5 months for appointment,no cost except plane ticket,4 day trip,done under local,went great.If anyone out there wants saline implants, think twice, they don't last,it causes heartbreak when they rupture.I'm not involved in high impact sports,but have had a few chiropractor adjustments, I found out after this last one ruptured that adjustments are contraindicated.I'll update when I come back.
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Can you tell me more about the Chiropractic adjustments being contraindicated? Do you have any resources? My left breast deflated within 12 hours after an adjustment last June, but the chiropractor doesn't think he had anything to do with it.
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Cant remember his name unfortunately. Travelled 200 miles to get them and only saw him within a 3 day span 10 years ago.

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