Saline Implant Rupture - Got Implants to Even out Breasts After Childbirth

Describe pros & cons The surgery was great and...

Describe pros & cons
The surgery was great and I experienced very little pain. My breasts looked great and VERY natural. I got them too big though and I didn't like the size. Everyone says they wished they had gotten a size bigger - I was the opposite.

Why you did it
My breasts were very uneven after the birth of my child.

My saline implant has ruptured. Are there any health concerns associated with that until I can have it replaced or removed?
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I'll be seeing my doctor tomorrow morning (2 days after rupture)
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Thanks for sharing your experience. This related thread may help answer your question: How long can ruptured saline implants stay in my body?

Any idea when you'll be able to get in to see your surgeon?

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