Ripples on Breast from Breast Augmentation

I had breast augmentation done in May 2007. The...

I had breast augmentation done in May 2007. The procedure went well as did the recovery. The implants are under the muscle. I haven't had an issue until now. On the right side of my right breast near my armpit, I feel ripples and they worsen if I lean over. It feels uncomfortable if I move the breast a certain way. If I reach over with my left arm and push or move my right breast in to the left it feels very uncomfortable to the point where its almost a painful uncomfortable. Any idea of what may have happened to it?

Last February,my surgeon suggested i replace my saline implants for gel because of the rippling.Now, my "new" gel implants are doing the same.Is there anyhting i can do about it?This will be my third augmentation.I am VERY disappointed!

Dear NikNik, ALL breast implants ripple in their upper portions but saline implants ripple MORE than gel filled implants. Moreover, with implants that exert more pressure on the breast tissues there is a progressive thinning of overlying breast and fat exposing the implant more further exposing the palpable extent of the implant. The best solution is to ask yourself how much does it bother you. If it is considerable I would suggest you wish to consider changing these implants (?saline) for gel filled implants which ripple less AND are slightly lighter cc per cc. Peter A Aldea, MD, FACS Memphis,Tennessee

If it's saline, then rippling is normal... it happens a lot, but if it's silicone, you may have a rupture (this is what happened to mine). Go back to your surgeon and ask his opinion or have an MRI to put your mind at rest.
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My doctor is an exceptional Doctor. Very upfront about the whole procedure. Went over everything with me from pre to post procedure.

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