Redo BA - Down from 330cc to 225cc Under Muscle Implants

I had BA to restore the lost volume from nursing 4...

I had BA to restore the lost volume from nursing 4 children. I just wanted my pre-pregnancy size back. I hated how big I was after my 1st BA and had a redo 105ccs smaller 1cm in projection less.

I had a Redo Breast Augmentation about a week ago. My 1st BA was in April 2009. I felt too big afterwards so 3 months after my initial surgery I had my 330 silicone unders replaced with 225 unders. There was very little pain with my redo and as a result, i have probably not rested as much as I should have (I have 4 young kids).

I really liked the size the first few days, but now a week later they are bigger. I am having my period right now. Is this size increase due to swelling, my menstral cycle or a combination of the two? I thought the swelling would go down, not get worse.

What type of swelling and healing should one expect from an implant exchange with regard to size? I want them to be how they were the first couple of days after surgery, not to get bigger!! Thanks in advance for your input!

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Hi Alison, I know its late... about three years! But I am curious. How do you feel now about your size? Do you have any photos? I am stuck with deciding on a downsize of 195 or 220 from 400!! Thank you!!
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