Breast Implant Ruptured in Less Than 3 Years, Scheduled for Removal

I had breast reduction and then implants in Jan 07...

I had breast reduction and then implants in Jan 07. One week ago my left implant ruptured.

My recovery experience has not been good since the 07 surgery. I am scheduled to have both the ruptured implant and the other implant removed in the morning because I do not have the funds to pay for surgeon to fix my left breast.

I am scared of looking like a monster. I don't think the implant should have ruptured in less than three years time of surgery. Why would the implant rupture?


My breast implant ruptured last week after only 5 years. Most implants have a warranty from the manufacturer. I only had to pay 500 for the operation to remove and insert a new implant, and the new implant was covered at no additional cost from the manufacturer. I am surprised the doctor did not mention this to you?????? why would he use an implant that was not covered, especially for the safety of his clients.
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Hello...i am so sorry to hear about your experience....I hope youre ok and that youre happier when they're out. Just stay strong and know you are beautiful. Please list this dr.'s name in Charlotte so he doesnt take advantage of any more women...thank you
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:( that is scary pls post brand of implant and doc name for the rest of us
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Name not provided

I felt like a guinea pig in his care! He did not do right by me

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