Ripples S/p Mentor Memory Gel Implants Moderate Plus Profile (4th Surgery in 7 Years)

I am 36 y/o, 117lb, 5'8 female. My natural size...

I am 36 y/o, 117lb, 5'8 female. My natural size was 34A.

I replaced my saline implants (420cc on Left and 440cc on Right) with Mentor Memory Gel implants, Moderate plus profile (425 -Left and 450-Right).

I had ripples on my cleavage with saline implants, more on Right side ( they didn't show up till one month later s/p surgery when edema subsided). I thought silicone gel will eliminate them. It's one day after my surgery and I see a lot of ripples on my right side at my cleavage.

The fact that I still have ripples after such a drastic procedure is really kiling me. Overall its my 4th breast enchancement in 7yrs. First two were done by Beverly Hills doctor which resulted in capsular contracture and severe assymetry even after his revision. I thought this surgery would really help me to eliminate all the problems at least for some time. I was wrong. Please help me with an advice.

Is there a possibility of the ripples getting better once the edema subsides and the implant settles?


maybe you can get fat grafting done between the implant and the skin area with ripples? Maybe that would hide the rippling? I found out that some surgeons actually do this for patients who ripple after BA no matter what. Some can even do it for you at the same time as your BA. You've just got to have enough fat or you'll have to gain a little weight so your surgeon can harvest that fat and use it to fill in the rippling areas. Ask your surgeon about this. Good luck. I'm getting BA (over the muscle, don't want unders) but I'm afraid of rippling too. I like to know that there are always options to consider if I face that problem.
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Difficult to say exactly what is going on. It is important to know if implants are below muscle. That would have been a logical step and if they are not, I would be surprised. Still need to know. Other than that, ripples are not totally uncommon, but less common in the area you describe. I would suspect that if indeed the implants are subpectoral, and with the switch to gel, all has been done. There may be some change with implant settling, but may not. Unfortunately, this might represent the final best outcome. Photos would be helpful.
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