Pregnancy Ruined my Pretty Tatas...

The pros of breast augmentation are: The look of...

The pros of breast augmentation are: The look of them naked and in clothes.

The cons are: If you go too big they actually make things harder to fit into. Possible complications with them. Multiple surgeries over the years. Premature sagging. expensive.

I had breast augmentation exactly a year ago and became pregnant 3 weeks post-op. My breast grew dramatically during pregnancy causing them to stretch even more and now I am left with the aftermath! Now that sounds a lot worse than it is! But I am now nervous that something is wrong because all of the sudden I can see and feel my "submuscular" implant while lying on my side... Almost like a ripple, but I have silicone and I thought that they didnt cause rippling?!

Could it be that my body is rejecting them or that they have slipped in front of the chest muscle? and at 24 year old will my skin tighten back up on its own or will I eventually just have to get a lift???
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He was thorough and did a nice job. It was very painless.

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Have you figured out what the issue was in the past 5 years? I'm curious because I'm looking into some body work (breasts being one) and due to the low overall rating you gave Dr. Hochstein, it would help me better determine his credentials if I could depict the fault of your issue. Was the rippling and issues due to a fault of the surgeon, or caused by a pregnancy which occurred before your breast had proper time to complete the healing process? If it is due to the latter, it seems unfair to dissuade future clients of Dr. Hochstein by further allowing your low star review to be seen by the RS community.
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I have very thin tissues (due to breastfeeding 2 kids) and am thin in general. I have silicne implants under the muscle & rippling....
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FWIW, I have read reviews of silicone implants rippling, although it doesn't seem as common as saline implants rippling.
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