Not Happy with New Implants and Now Worried About Rupture

Honestly,I am not happy with my new implanted...

Honestly,I am not happy with my new implanted breasts. I was supposed to get 325cc however,during my surgery, my Dr. decided to go with 300cc. He told me this after the surgery. I was very angry of course. He said that the 325cc would require a larger incision....

It has been over three months now and my breasts look smaller. I am very dissapointed.. I do not reccomend my surgeon to anyone. He supposedly has over 20 years of experience???. He should have known better.

I am freaking out. I think I may have raptured one of my implants. I was elbowed by someone on my left breast. It has been over a week since this happened and I still feel some discomfort. I don't know what to do. Please advise.


I don't think your implant would rupture from being elbowed in the chest?
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You are lucky someway. with every revision PS would have to put bigger implants unless you want scars from lift. i requested NATURAL result and said i want no more than 300cc. i woke up with 400cc high profile which is what i never wanted. My dear Dr. Richard Bensimon from Portland "pearl"women center is just a joke with his 20+ years of experience. what i learned that it says really nothing. Beside he destroyed my pectoral muscles and now i have to pay 12000 to have it fixed.
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How was your pectoral muscle damaged?
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I am not satisfied with the size of my implants. They look too small.

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