Pain in Breasts Even 2 1/2 Years After Breast Augmentation

Pros: increased confidence, clothes fit and look...

Pros: increased confidence, clothes fit and look better, helped even out the proportions of my body.

Cons: discomfort even years after surgery,decreased nipple sensation, very painful recovery

I had breast implant surgery mainly because I felt insecure about my small bust and it was affecting my love life with my long time boyfriend because I hated him to see my breasts naked. Also, I am a very petite girl who had trouble finding clothes that fit properly in the styles I wanted, and since getting implants I no longer have that problem.

I had breast augmentation about 2 1/2 years ago and still experience discomfort in both breasts. The pain in the right breast is much worse than the left, as it has dropped lower than the left and has also creeped over into my armpit area. I cannot lay flat on my stomach or lay on my right side during the night or I will wake up with very sore breasts. I have decreased nipple sensation, and am always aware of my implants as if my body never got used to them...even something small like too tight of a hug will bother me. Also, every now and then I get a sharp shooting pain in my right breast.

The implants I have are high profile (inserted through the armpit) and I am a very petite girl. Could this be the reason I am having pain? Would moderate profile implants be better? I have spoken to my Dr. about my symptoms and he has suggested tacking up the right breast, but my concerns are beyond just repositioning the implant. Any thoughts?
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I feel that although I have expressed concern, my doctor has not been able to really satisfy me with any answers or solutions.

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I had my 600 mentors (with warranty) put in by Dr.Pham in celebration...I am extremely happy with them, the best $5K I ever spent. The price of silicone went up so they're more $ now. But this past week I've had significant pain in my breasts, massaging them reduces the discomfort. I will make an appt as soon as I can cover the cost. I am icing them now with gel packs and they feel fine. Maybe some kind of nerve pain from new nerve connections being made or what-not. I went in the breast crease due to the large implant size, so alot of sensation was lost initially and still being returned to "normal". Just the overall breast tenderness and pain is quite disconcerting. :-( but overall, I'd do it again in a heartbeat, even with the higher cost due to silicone pun intended. ;-)
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Dr Soto charges a LOT more than any other surgeons in Orlando! I already went to 8 others, after deep research on credentials. Dr Soto was THE ONLY doctor that said Mentor does NOT warranty their bags against deflation!! All the other 8 doctors said they are under warranty, and knew the procedures to submit this info to Mentor. Interesting, huh? My top 3 right now are Dr Fiala, Dr Brian Joseph and Dr Rotatori...ALL Board Certified Plastic Surgeons, specializing in breast augmentations!! I threw Dr Armando Soto's info away...
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Where did you go? I'm thinking of Dr. Armando Soto or Dr. Brian Joseph. I'm having a revision after 20 years with implants - going bigger to fill out the effects of gravity and age.
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Hello there, I would recommend that you go to dr Armondo Soto for your second opinion, he is one of the highest trained plastic surgeons in the breast in orlando fl. I read alot about him and he could give you a very good second sorry to hear about what your going through, I am going through some problems myself with my first surgeon and I need a second opinion as well. i like dr arabitg but im not sure if hes qualified enough. Dr. Soto has done alot of reconstructions and he fixes alot of other surgeons work, from what i have heard.....let me know how it turns out...thanks for all the info...
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As far as people skills and knowledge go I did like Dr. A, but I wasn't so crazy about the girl at the front desk. She was very rude, but last time I was there I didn't see her so I don't believe she is employed there anymore. Dr. A did a really good job, and was just as concerned as I was about making sure the size I chose looked right on my body. One thing he is awesome about is his tiny, tiny scars. He did mine through the armpit and the scars were placed right in a crease so you can't even tell they're there. Also, for days after my surgery he would call regularly to check up on me and see how I was doing.

The only thing I didn't like was when I started to notice my boob dropped and my discomfort hadn't subsided (after almost a year), so I made an appointment. When he came in the room he seemed rushed and almost defensive about his work, making me feel like my concerns were irrelevant. After about 6 more months I went to see him a second time and I got the same attitude, but this time he mentioned tacking up my breast at a cost of $1500. I had spent so much money the first time around that I didn't feel that I should have to pay another grand to get them right. I am in the process of seeking out a second opinion because I am unsure if my problems are due to my body's reaction to the implants or if it was Dr. error (i.e. not shaping the pocket correctly).

My cost of $5500 was with all the pre-op Dr. visits, the surgery itself, and pain meds afterwards. I have a mild heart murmer, so I had to get an echocardiogram before we could insurance didn't cover anything associated with the surgery at all, so that accounted for about some of the cost. Maybe now his prices are lower, but when I got mine done it was about $5,000. Maybe mine was more expensive because they were done through the armpit and I got high profile implants...I don't know if that would make a price difference or not. As far as my experience goes, I have mixed reviews...on the one hand I really liked him, but on the other I am unhappy. I hope this helps!

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Hello there, did you like this doctor? I have a consult with him and i am worried hes not going to be worth my money, this will be my second surgery and I am terrified of wasting my time and money to end up in the same situation, please let me know, thanks.....I thought his prices start at 3800 why did you have to pay so much?
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