50 Years Old, Breast Implants After Removal of Non-cancerous Mass

I am pleased with my breast augmentation to even...

I am pleased with my breast augmentation to even out my breasts after removal of a non-cancerous mass.

The results look very good though the soreness has lingered. I opted for silicone for a more natual look though it will require MRI's every few years.

After having silcone implants, 280cc on rt side, 350 on left,approx 4 weeks ago, I'm still sore; is this normal? Also, what is the average cost of the required MRI's and can regular mamograms be performed yearly? Thank you for your help.

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I had two entirely different sized breasts and was very self conscious about it for years. At 50 and facing a divorce, I needed to boost my self esteem.

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Linny, It's three weeks since my surgery. I had 325cc Mentor Moderate Plus implants placed sub-glandular and am still dealing with severe tenderness. I don't have any swelling but they still feel tight. My PS thinks everything is fine and the tenderness is normal. I hope he's right. I am also interested in the cost of an MRI.
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