Breast Augmentation and Lift for Tuberous Breast Deformity

I had tuberous breast deformity and decided to...

I had tuberous breast deformity and decided to undergo a breast augmentation and lift. My surgery was conducted on the 14th September 2009. I had silicone (size 400) incision around the nipple. I had an infection develop around my incision on my right breast. My right breast became sore, red and inflamed. I was treated with a strong course of antibiotics for almost 2 weeks. The infection subsided and the nipple is now healing very well. My breasts are no longer sore and red, but I am concerned about the shape of the right breast. I have been patiently waiting for my right breast to heal and take shape and I have noticed the bruising/hardness is fading but slowly.

I had the surgery because I was unhappy with my tuberous breast deformity and I wanted a normal looking round shaped breast. Recovery was very painful for the first 3 days.

The photos I have posted were taken on the 5th of November 2009.

I would appreciate the opinions or recommendations of some other Plastic surgeons.


Hello You have a significant difference in size. the right remains difficient tissue inferioly.(Typical of Tubeous Breast) With that difference in volume and tissue, I recommend a two stage reconstruction. Tissue expander in the right breast with release of breast tissueby scoring. Expand then once the right volume is reched exchange expander to implant and whatever adjustment you need.
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I paid 16,000 australian so around 14,000 USA currency. If I found this site earlier I would have flown to the USA and had my operation there it probably would of been cheaper and with better results. I am considering going to the USA for corrective surgery if my breast does not heal within a month or two. I am really worried now. I went to my PS last week and he said 'wait and see' come back in a month and he mentioned injecting fat to help give it the more rounded affect like my other breast. Currently I have been massaging everyday using bio-oil, but i can feel pain when i push on hard lump, i think there is a bruise there stopping my breast implant from dropping and forming properly, but im not a doctor.
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IF you clicked on the box that says ask a dr. then that should be right. I am waiting for a response also but so far nothing. I would talk to your dr. again regarding your right breast. From what i can see it looks likes it's going to stay that way. You also paid a lot of money for this so don't just let it go. Take it higher if you have too. Medical board and so forth. Good luck and I hope everything gets better for you.
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