Breast Implants. Now Pregnant 1 Month Later!

I loveed my real breasts. They were perky and well...

I loveed my real breasts. They were perky and well proportioned to my body, but I still couldn't fill out my shirts and dresses with out a padded bra, which was getting very annoying.

I am still healing from the surgery, so I don't really know how they have improved my dressing experience yet. Also, I know I will feel more attractive in the bedroom now.

I had breast implants 1 month ago and am now...

I had breast implants 1 month ago and am now pregnant! Whill this affect healing? Will this increase liklihood of capsluar contracture? What should I do? HAs this happened to any other women? Thank you

I had breast implants only 1 month ago and find out I am now pregnant. How will this affect the healing of my breast implants? Is this dangerous? I'm very scared. Thank you.
Congratulations! I just had my beautiful baby girl in May. I got pregnant with her 9 months after my BA. The only real issue I have had is.... the stretch marks. I would say that you should make sure you wear a verrrry supportive bra. I think that was part of my problem - I was wearing sheer, pretty bras in the first months of pregnancy when I should have been wearing something a bit more supportive. Once I realized how much they were growing, I got some supportive bras and even started wearing a sports bra at night for support. side-note: I cannot tell you if that did anything to prevent future stretch marks...I'm not a doctor :) Your breasts will definitely grow during pregnancy and after (during breastfeeding), but they will most likely go down to normal again (as long as you lose any baby weight). Maybe meet with your doctor to discuss. I would hope he would give you a free visit just to give you some pointers. And go get yourself a supportive bra.

First of all, congratulations. :)

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