Wanted Nicer Shape and Size - Need a Breast Revision

I had a breast augmentation done because i wanted...

I had a breast augmentation done because i wanted a nicer shape and bigger as well. I thought this would also help my self-esteem by wearing clothes I could not wear because my breast were too small.


had my breasts done five months ago. i decided on saline. five months, lots of pain,and thousands of dollars later, i find out that they're leaking...who shouls pay for the replacements? the manufacturer? the doctor? or the patient?
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I had my BA 4 months ago, 375cc's, under the...

I had my BA 4 months ago, 375cc's, under the muscle, peri-areola . He believes I have capsular contracture, but not sure yet because my appointment is next week. If a surgery is needed, is the same implant used? Is the surgery longer and more complicated than a regular BA? Could it be that i dint massage enough? How much would this cost(an average)? Thank you.


d10 - I might be mistaken, but I'm pretty sure the manufacturer should pay. Normally implqants have some sort of warranty. You shouldn't have to pay. Lattegirl- I think a different implant is used. Some surgeons believe that massaging helps, but I was never told to massage and mine were ok.

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On MAy 6th 2009, I had my 2nd BA surgery,using silicone gel overs. I too ended up with a full C right breast and a size D left breast by using 533cc in both. I just recently went to a totally biased PS for another opinion...he immediately said THAT MY RIGHT BREAST needs a 575cc implant to be equal to the left. The PS who did this surgery did not have my original specs from 1984, so we both did not know how much breast tissue was mine. I will have the surgey to correct the one side,which I understand is not too invasive, but am not happy about the additional expense!
You haven't explained what you are unhappy with and why you need a revision? Is it the size? What size implants did you have? I'm having a revision in just under 2 weeks, because the pocket for my right breast was not made low enough and now it is sitting much higher than the left. I am going 100cc bigger as well.
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I would not. Not because he did a bad job, but because he was always in a hurry to get out. Also the assistants are nice, but they forgot to give me all the medication prescriptions I needed. Other people I know that went to him had a good job done, I think I was a fluke.

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