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My New Implants Look Horrible

I had new implants put in because 15 yrs ago I had...

I had new implants put in because 15 yrs ago I had a reduction and the doctor butchered me bad so I put implants in 13 yrs ago to fix what she did. But after 13 yrs they were bottoming out and rippled. That's why I got them redone.

Hi I had my old overs changed to new unders a week ago. They are so high up that it feels like I have mens pec muscles. They are also square and it seems like there is no implant in the bottom part of my breasts. I'm wishing I just kept the ones I had and just delt with the ripples and other problems.

Help! I feel so ugly.

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I'm unhappy now

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Lisa 72, I'm so sorry weren't happy with the results. It's been about a year now. Has it improved? Would you come back and let us know if you feel your procedure was "Worth It" or "Not Worth It"?


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About three years ago I had the saline implants placed above the muscle and they took like two months to drop. In march I ended up going in for a second surgery becouse of capsular contraction, This time my dr went behind the muscle with memory gel implants and I was horrified how high they were, I thought that this was the difference between infront placement vs.placement behind the muscle. It is now October and they are a little higher than the saline ones that were placed infront I also think the saline implants are a little heavier for some reason and seem to drop quicker. I think having them placed behind the muscle is so much more comfortable it just takes a little longer because theymove your muscle away from the chest wall so now they have to take there time to relax over the implant.
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I also had enhacement after reduction. I am very disappointed with results too. 200 cc medium profile that's all the doctor could insert. Very high and with terribles wrimples. Very sad... I wish you good luck!
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Honestly, I know exactly how you feel, mine looked exactly the same way for about two weeks- it was horrible. I kept saying that I was smuggling loaf cakes lol, the tops were square and sitting directly under my collar bones. It has been almost four weeks and I am now seeing much improvement. Be patient, it will get better! With sub-muscular placement it can take three to six months for your final result and almost everyone’s look square and ugly at first, shame on your doctor for not telling you. I hope I have reassured you!
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