4 Days, Worried my Implants Are Too Small

I did it to even out my breasts and make them...

I did it to even out my breasts and make them larger. I wanted to really fill out my clothes in the top area without using padded bras.

Its been four days since my breast augmentation and I feel like they are too small. I went with 450 and 500cc but even with swelling they look like a b/c cup. Is it because the muscle is too tight? I did they submuclularly but this is WITH swelling, so when the swelling goes down, will I be a B cup?
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My dr was awkward and unfriendly, his staff was very nice though. He only spent a couple of minutes with me each time I visited and then rushed out the door.

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I'm 5 days post op and I too feel like I went too small! I got 420 under the muscles I'm originally a 34a idk wat I am now but I doubt I'll be a full cup... I'm very stress out and having lot of pressure and tightness.. my mornings are the worst ever! I hate waking up to feeling like Ima explode and having to slowly roll off or find a way to get off the bed due to tightness. Then the hard to breath part on top of everything else too. I know I'm slowly healing or maybe I'm slowly just getting use to being tight. Can't wait to be normal again HOPEFULLY.
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i agree with you. dr. gottlieb wasn't the friendliest and when i went for my consultation he seemed like he was in a rush and was in and out quick. not sure if first impression was good or not.
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hi hun im 5 days post op - surley your surgoen should have let you know roughly what size this implant would give you - my surgeon wasw brief tho like you say in and out cattle market springs to mind. anyway good luck hope things work out!
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Be patient, follow up with you Dr and express your concerns to him. Most plastic surgeons want to make you happy.
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