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Jersey Girl, Saline Breast Implants 3 1/2 Years Ago

I had great experience with my implants up until...

I had great experience with my implants up until last night when I felt a bump in my boob. Dr. Experience great. Thank You so very much.

I had saline breast implants 3 1/2yrs ago and one feels different. Feels like if you took a balloon and squeezed it there would be a big balloon and a tiny balloon. What should I do about it?
Steven L Davis

I liked the Dr. the staff they all made me feel comfortable. I researched him on the web. talk to 2 other people who went to him and then after I had it done seen him on channel 10 news Philadelphia Pa

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thank you that's what I was thinking by researching online THANK GOD there warrantied : )
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You probably have an implant rupture and should see a plastic surgeon for evaluation and treatment. Make sure to bring the implant information with you.
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