"Double Bubble" After Surgery - Considering Revision

I had very little breast tissue and it has always...

I had very little breast tissue and it has always bothered me. So after many years of expensive padded bras I gave in and got implants. I knew there were risks, but I felt the benefits would outweigh the risks. I should have known that if it can go wrong where I am concerned it will.

I love my size, although I would not mind going a little bigger. However, soon after the surgery I developed a double bubble that makes me extremely self conscious. When I am in a bra or bathing suit I feel fine because it does not show much, however I know that it is there and it bothers me.

I had this procedure for Me. To make myself feel better about the way I look and it was a huge letdown to see myself so marred. Now I will have to have a second surgery to fix the first and I want to be sure that the procedure that is going to be preformed is the right one! I also would like to increase my size from 400cc – 475cc.

7 Months ago I had smooth, high profile, teardrop,...

7 Months ago I had smooth, high profile, teardrop, silicone implants (400cc) placed under. I had little breast tissue and a small upper body. I formed a 'double bubble' on one side soon after surgery. (Now the other side is starting as well) My surgeon would like to go in and detach my muscles and re-attach them to my rib cage. Is that a normal procedure? Also, I have no cleavage. If the bubble is fixed and I increase the implant size to 500 will that give me the look of cleavage I had hoped for?
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I have the same problem. How did the revision go? I am a low profile 500cc silicone.. I was thinking maybe a high profile would push the natural breast tissue out for a rounder outcome :( I cry everyday
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You know, I didn't think to take any. I ended up having the second surgery a year ago. I did go up in size and I love them! Dr Kinsley had to go on top of the muscle but they look so much better and the double bubble is gone. I also have cleavage now. I still think that this is the best thing I've ever fine for myself!
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can you post a b4 picture please
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Im having my surgery tomorrow. i had implants 7 1/2 years ago and after having my 1st child a year ago i develpoed the double bubble effect. i was a 34AA to a 34 C.then being pregnant i went to a 34 DD. my revision is taking out my implants fixing my muscles and fold (crease). then putting back my orginal implant. I never knew about the double bubble effect til it happend to me. its hard to tell if it would happend to you. one thing about breast surgery, its not a one time thing always..
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You're saying your pregnancy caused the double bubble in yours? I had my first surgery 8months ago & got this and am now thinking to have it redone but trying to decide to wait a few years in case I have children
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Thank you for posting your photos. I went through breast augmentation surgery 3 years ago - a partial surgery - and planning to get the surgery finished this year. I had a conical deformity in my breasts and one of the things that was an issue when putting the implants in was the double bubble effect. To avoid this the doctors ended up (during surgery) deciding to place different sized implants in and made an uneven situation even more exaggerated... but luckily no "double bubble". I would love to know how your surgeries turned out and if the issue got resolved. Thanks and good luck.
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