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I Want to Get Rid of my Areola Scars...

I had Breast Augmentation through my Areolas. I...

I had Breast Augmentation through my Areolas. I have a very bumpy scar around both of them. The Scar seems to be moving away from the nipple. Please help. I can't use all the blouses and bikinis I would want to. Thank You.

PS The size and form are great. Only the scars....

Can someone recommend a good Dr that can get rid of my ugly scars around my Areolas?
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Well, he left a good form. However, I told him that I did not want any scars. I showed him some scars I got in the past due to scratches; he assured me this would not happen.

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You have hypertrophic scars If the scars are getting bigger and invading normal skin then you are forming Keloids. need to start treatment. See your PS
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hi im afraid yours is a keloid. a keloid prone person isn't suitable to go for any form of surgeries because their skin generally do not heal well. like you said, you had scars which resulted from scratches, so all the more im leaning towards the pov that you're indeed a keloid prone. theres nothing much you can do about keloid except to avoid going for any form of surgeries as more keloids will be formed.
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maybe silicone sheeting will help.
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Perhaps ask a few more doctors. Ones that have wound healing expertise with the skin. Show them your photos. I know that Dr. LoMonaco is very good with this kind of stuff. Maybe you will find direction there.I had multiple BA complications and he helped me with the damage I had from previous doctors and surgeries. I look perfect now.

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Do you have the info on LoMonaco? I will look for him here any way. I tried Silicone Sheets, without good results. I think I need someone that has expertise on this problem. As I have read, it is not an easy problem to solve. Thanks...
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I had 3 BA procedures. After the first surgery I had awful scarring, but my scars in under my breasts in the crease. I had a bad reaction to the sutures used. The did a scar revision using different sutures and now you can hardly see the scars.
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My old Dr tried changing the sutures without any better results. Thanks
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