I Like my Results, but One is Still Bigger!!!

I have had my implants for a little over a month. ...

I have had my implants for a little over a month. I was assymetrical to begin with because of scoliosis and a bit of deformity in my chest wall that was not as noticable as it is now that I have implants.

My left breast is 1/2 inch smaller than my right and I think it may be because that part of my chest wall on the right side sits up higher. I like my outcome, but I wish I was more even.

Pros are not I finally have something there.

Cons are that one breast is still smaller. I did it really for myself to feel more comfortable in my own skin.

Can I have just one implant replaced, without replacing both just to get a more even appearance?
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For those of you wanting the doctor's contact information, you can click his name above and it will take you to his RealSelf profile, which contains his contact info. Hope this helps!

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What type of implant material did you use?
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Would like your Dr's info to contact them.
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Can u email me your doctors contact info? Id appreciate it.
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Your unevenness could be due to swelling and there's still time for your other implant to drop and become even with the other one (1-3 months is pretty common for this stage).

It is possible to replace only one implant but, from what I've seen around the RealSelf boards, most doctors would make you wait a few months anyway so you have time to heal properly.

This related thread addresses that issue pretty well: Fixing uneven breasts after breast augmentation

Out of curiosity, do you know whether your doctor used different size implants to account for your unevenness going in?

Good luck with your recovery and I hope things get better for you soon!

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he used the same size implant just filled one more.
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