Breast Implant Revision, Now Uneven 32C / 32D

I was a 32A prior to having saline breast implants...

I was a 32A prior to having saline breast implants. I was always self-conscious of my small size and wore padded bras. After the surgery I was a 32C and looked totally in proportion with the rest of my body. I was extremely happy with the results.

4 years after my surgery, one side deflated. I had to see a different doctor as I had moved since my first surgery. The doctor advised that I replace both impants since he used a different manufacturer. He also stated that I would need to be filled a little more due to the difference in the impants, but I would still remain a 32C.

During the surgery he elected to fill one side with 350cc and the other at 380cc. When I asked him why, he said it was needed to make both sides even.

We are now 2+ months post surgery, 32D and one side remains visibly larger than the other. He says to be patient. Should I expect one side to ever reduce based on the different of the ccs filled? Should the doctor cover the expenses to correct if I elect to do so?

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Not happy with the decision by the doctor to fill each breast at different cc's.

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I had revision surgery 8 weeks ago and my breasts are notably asymmetrical but the opposite of what they were prior to surgery. My PS says we can tweak them? after a few months. I do not wish to pay for or have another surgery honestly. Not sure what the current outcome will be. I am just glad to have gotten my 30+ year-old silicone implants out though.
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Columbus Ohio? Because I just had my implants done 3 months ago and I am having a similar problem.
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Who was it? I am in columbus area and just had mine done and am dealing with something similar.
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