5'4", Slim, Wanted to Be Larger but Natural

PANICKING:- I am 5'4'' very slim and had very...

PANICKING:- I am 5'4'' very slim and had very small breasts (even a A cup bra was too big for me). I wanted to be larger but natural but I was on a budget. So I went abroad on suggestion of a friend who had had success.

The enlargement op took place in a top Asian hospital yesterady - I agreed with most experienced surgeon at hospital to use McGhan/Allergan round moderate textured profile cohesive silcone gel 200g dual plane (2/3 under pectoral) entry under arm (I had initially wanted smooth but he suggested textured I agreed to this and we agreed on everything else as the most apropriate for a safe long lasting and natural look - I hoped to become B cup)

All went ok until after the Op and I was shown implant info/tags which state implants to be as ageed by Allergan BUT: CUI brand, LOW PROFILE NOT MODERATE PROFILE AND RESPONSIVE SILICONE GEL. The refernece details are: CUI CE 0459 ALLERGAN MLP REF MLP-200(200g) MICROCELL 10.4/3.4 LOT 1624273 CULIMPLANTS)

I feel shocked, cheated and scared. Have I been given an economy brand? Is it safe? Is responsive gel less safe than the cohesive gel that I had agreed? It turns out as I understand CUI dont even offer a moderate profile just high and low so will I look too flat?

The hospital and doctor have said they will replace them if I am not happy - but is such a process practical and safe having just had the op? Should I wait and see? Or do I now have something inside me more likely to leak.

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why would any doctor agree one thing then put in something different without consultation

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Which clinic did you go to?? I am in Seoul, Korea right now and have an appointment scheduled in two days so any information would be very helpful!
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CATSAKON, In the US market, I don't believe the CUI implants are available. However, they are manufactured by Allergan which offers a wide range of sizes and styles of breast implants in the US. I would suggest you talk to your physician and/or Allergan directly to find out about the implant safety and their warranty for the US market. Warranty may be your biggest concern. Regarding the profile of the breast implant, depending on your chest width, a low profile implant my have been indicated with such a small (200g) implant. As long as you are happy with the size and shape, low profile is fine. Dr. Tyrone Gainesville, FL

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