Fresh Post Op, Rash and Possible CC

I had a BA with Saline filled Silicone implants 6...

I had a BA with Saline filled Silicone implants 6 days ago.

The night of my surgery I started having a rash around my navel. I went back to PC the next day and he thought maybe from antibiotic and to stop it. I did this, the rash continued to get worse. I stopped by demerol and used darvocet instead, all of which I have had before with no problems. The rash has done nothing but get worse. Benadryl has not help, creams have not helped. The rash is now all over abdomen, back, arms, between fingers, and starting on my legs. It is what I would consider severe, is is flaming red and purple, raised and some places has bumps that looked fluid filled.

I am now taking a pred. pack that I started yest. I have not seen any improvement yet. Any thoughts on what this could be from?

Also my left breast has already dropped some even before taking off the tape, but my right breast seems to be rising instead of dropping. I am very concerned about cc. My pc has not recommended massage as of yet, it is under muscle. But I will not acutally see my pc until I am 2 weeks post op.

Any thoughts? Allergy? Capsular Contracture?


i had this rash few days after i got implants. i asked PS if i could be allergy to silicon or whatever is inside. Of course he said NO. well. you know wHAT? i removed implants after 5 weeks of having them. and guess what?? I NEVER had this rash anylonger.
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i have had a rash for over a year - it flares up all the time i have been to numerous doctors and they have no idea - the rash started in my scalp and hair line and is now on my neck back stomach and back. nothing reall helps
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My girlfriend had an allergic reaction to the tape used in her surgery...
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