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I had a baby and decided to get my breasts done...

I had a baby and decided to get my breasts done because I breast fed and lost some volumne. I chose a 400cc implant and I am a 34C now but my boobs are extremely far apart and I always have to wear a push-up bra because they are so bad. I hate them and get embarrased when I have to take my bra off. Please help me!

I had my breasts done and decided to go with a 400cc implant. My breasts are extremely far apart and my doctor said it is because my rib cage is verly large for my body. Is there anything I can do to get my breasts closer together?

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I am truly sorry that my patient above is unhappy with the results of her surgery. Unfortunately, breast augmentation, like any surgery, is limited by the patient's anatomy. I have to place the implants where the breast are, and no surgery can place the breasts closer together. I encourage all of my patients to follow up with me so we can evaluate their results as time progresses.
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my doctor said that the width between the breasts was pre-determined by your ribcage size, just as your doctor said. maybe there is some way to help it but im not sure of any.

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