Endoscopic Breast Augmentation Now with Arm Muscle Pain

The overall experience went very well. I am 42...

The overall experience went very well. I am 42 years old and wished to bring my breasts up to the fullness they were prior to having children and breast feeding.

I had endoscopic surgery under the arm pit. I now have muscle weakness and dull pain in the muscle of my right arm. What may have caused this?

i also went with a 533cc but they seem to be getting bigger, as the months go by. dont give up hope. when was your surgery?
Who was your doctor if you don't mind saying?
Is the sizing not insane? I just had my 2nd set in 15 years, I was a small C first go round, and this time I still went too small! I got scared last minute and went 533cc which is just making me a small C-D! I am broad shouldered and felt the Dr. misguided me! I wanted a voluptuous breast and got an OK yet very modest breast. I am so frustrated that I am having a REDO, which is COSTLY and going bigger in about 7 months! What I have learned is that the cc depends on how much tissue you have to work with originally. I was a deflated small B prior to any surgery, with this new 533cc I am a basic almost D. My girlfriend was a deflated C, after childbirth, and she went with a 421cc and is a hugh DD now. She kind of scared me unintentionally when I was chosing a size and said "dont go too big that will look FAT.." so last minute I listend and changed my mind while going into surgery!! It is a downer when you come out and discover YOU WENT TOO SMALL and after all that money!! You are not as large as you want to be...UGH!
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I did not feel as though I had many choices on how he would do the surgery and I certainly did not understand the CC sizing and what I should do to make the right choice. Of course I believe I went too small.

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