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On April 2, 2009. I had a breast augmentation. I...

On April 2, 2009. I had a breast augmentation. I was a big A, (that sounds funny,like an a is big) anyway. My initial consultation he spent a considerable amount of time with me, but right off the bat I felt trust. Which is rare for me because I trust no one.

I am 5 foot 10 and about 150. So not huge, but definetly not small. I have always wanted implants, and my tax return finally allowed it to happen. We talked for a while, and i was so comfortable with him (he has done over 20,000 surgeries, and started in the late 60's) he can perform any kind. I just looked at him and told him I wanted to be proportionate to big. He ended up picking out for me Mentors high profile.

I am still a little swollen but my left breast is 550 cc and my right 500. (they were disproportionate to begin with). The left still is a little high, but when I went and saw him a few days ago, he said that if it doesnt correct itself in the next couple months (its still too early to tell) then he would do a small revision and just drop the left implant just a tiny bit. for guess how much. FREE. He is the best doctor/surgeon, I have ever encountered, and I reccomend his practice, hands down.

It was well worth the money. and even though 550 seems like a lot. For my height and built they look great. I let him pick the size he thought best, and he did them perfectly poportioned to my body.

WELL WORTH IT. GO TO DR. M, he knows his stuff. Thanks
Brooke (a very satisfied client)

Ogden Plastic Surgeon

The office is fairly small, but very professional.

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That's what I thoigy amd my doc told new not yoassage
9 months later my left breast was extremely high compared to Nyssa left and he dropped it
It looks a lot better but my rigjt one is about a half cup smaller. I've told my social and he said it Was a good job for being a mormal quote housewife
but I just turned 30 a coupke weeks ago.and there is.a huge.difference. I think they would have been more even but one is 550 mentor silicone and the other 500 cc I was teased thriugh school. and I already spent 4,700.dollars and thsts a ton to me. I'm even a little self cobciuos cause they look so different. My lufe has been not the.greatest and thesr increase my self esteem. But they look so different
I'm single and young and want tp have wonderful breasts I don't Knievel wgat to do. Pleasr help me, I spent almist 5 k on my surgery and wanted them to look better. I love my doc, I need help. I'm not vain,.I just want the self esteem high again. Any help I would.appreciate more than you know, thank you
He told me tgey were goid.for housewife breast but I'm not wife. I've wanted my boobs done.since I was a fully matured teen and just a couple yrars ago I got my wish but they don't look like each.other. I hope I don't sound like a baby. It was jusy a lot if money and need help
Thank you
I love Dr. Malan he is wonderful I just feel like they could be more even and I just graduated school and I am a little embarrassed I want to look answer feel.awesome. I know fixing my breasts is a small issue to work on I have a lot emotionally which I'm doing now. I want them more even, please help
I lije the high rise ones
Ill put a picture on also,.thank u and I'm begging u to help me
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Congratulations on your successful breast surgery. You clearly did your homework, found a board certified plastic surgeon with whom you were comfortable, and ended up with a satisfying outcome. Luckily, these are the typical responses of patients who've undergone breast augmentation. The satisfaction rate is quite high with very manageable risks. Dr. Malan is a genuinely nice man and is an excellent surgeon. Best regards, Brian K. Brzowski, MD, FACS Ogden, UT
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Just a bump to this thread to let everyone know that Dr. Malan has retired from active surgical practice. I was blessed to be asked to assume care of his patients. If anyone is looking to be seen in followup or for a new concern, please give my office a call. I think you'll find yourself a wonderful new home here with us.
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