Uneven Breasts After Surgery - My Left Breast is Very Very Large, Heavy, Round, and Hard

I wish I had never done this. I look like a freak....

I wish I had never done this. I look like a freak. I got a tummy tuck at the same time and I love that. But I have lower self esteem than I did prior to this.

My left breast is very very large, heavy, round, and hard. My right breast is a soft small D while my left breast has ballooned to a large DD. I've seen many pics of CC on the net and none have this size distortion. Is it capsular contracture? I dont have the full amount to get corrective surgery nor the credit to get it financed. I cry because I have to stuff my bra w/ half a roll of tp to get a semblance of equality in sz. I just want to make sure it isn't anything serious....what happens if cc goes untreated? this sz difference happened w/in the course of 3 months. I am currently 1 yr post op.
I am in the same exact situation. I had breast implants done 14 years ago, and it ruined my self esteem. I stopped dating and would never get naked, which I guess could be a good thing... depending on how you look at it. I'm a beautiful girl, but the implants at 19 years old ruined my life. The left one was big and hard and firm and the Right one soft and much smaller. Finally, I saved up enough money to get them redone. I just had the surgery and guess what, It is even worse this time!!! I used the same doctor and he totally mutilated my Right nipple so that the areola is now half as big, and the areola is huge for nipple beauty. My Left breast is AGAIN HUGE and Firm and my right one is probably 2 sizes smaller and soft and small!! I actually have a doctor appointment tomorrow morning and I am going to lay it on the line with the Doctor and demand that he fix his mistakes free of charge to me!!
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