Multiple Problems with Breasts (Incl. Cap. Contracture) - Thinking About a Redo

I had an augmentation 7 months (silicone under)...

I had an augmentation 7 months (silicone under) ago and have recently developed a cap. contracture. I have undergone ultrasound treatments (w/out success) and attempted to take singular but was only able to for 1 1/2 months due to side effects.

The reason I had the augmentation was to achieve the volume and symmetry that I lost while breast feeding my two little ones. I was either pregnant or nursing for 3 years and it turned my C cups into flat droopy A's.

Yes, I got them full again, but I haven't been the "OVER THE MOON" excited that I should be because of all of the issues.

I am now thinking about a redo but have reservations about going with the same dr since there are other issues with the other breast. The one without the contracture is 1) about 1/4 inch higher, 2) about 40% numb and 3) has a crease almost parallel with my cleavage that my doctor says is probably the muscle tightening and pressing down on the implant. Well wasn't that her job to loosen the muscle sufficiently AND is that why it is numb there?
If you have problems with capsular contracture they will more than likely continue no matter how many revisions you get. My opinion is to have them removed and spend your money on something more worthwhile. I had 4 revisions due to capsular contracture and recently had my implants removed and couldnt be happier. If you decide to keep them I wish you the best of luck. I am just responding to different woman who are having similar problems I've had and telling them removal is the only guarantee youll get for no future problems. Even though mine are removed and I'm fine now I am so frustrated with these PS's telling us woman to take the singulair and massage when it never works. Basically giving us false hope while they line their pockets with revision money. Its a sad state of affairs but goes on everyday. Just keep in mind the PS will never give you a guarantee as nice as they may be, they will smile, kiss you on the cheek and then youll be back in 6 months beside yourself with the same problem. Good luck you I wish you the best. My heart goes out to everyone who has these problems.
Could you give the name of your Surgeon? I recently had a consult with a Worcester PS that was a woman and was wondering if this was the same PS. Good luck with whatever you decide to do. I hope everything works out for you.
I would rather not put her name out online, but if you list your PS name I'll definitely tell you if whether it's her or not.
Name not provided

Two many issues afterward

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