32A Pre-op & Was Filled to 330ccs on Both Breasts

Pros - boosted my self confidence minimallyCons -...

Pros - boosted my self confidence minimally

Cons - staff uninformative, met with office staff more than surgeon, breasts unattractive

I did it as a personal choice as I was very insecure & self conscious about my flat chested

I had BA done 8/27/09 almost 6 wks ago. I was a 32A pre-op & was filled to 330ccs on both breasts. My right breast is rounder, firmer & significantly smaller than the left which is softer, fuller & lower. Also when I massage from the bottom - the right breast does not go up as high up as the left. At first I just thought that the right smaller one had just dropped into place since the left doesn't feel in place but I'm not sure? Could I possibly have Capsular Contracture? Or is it normal to have 2 different shaped breasts during healing? I am very concerned. Thanks for any advice given!
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My surgeon did not provide me with enough information to choose sizing or implant

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I was told that my surgeon props u up after implant insertion to confirm that they are even but I also say that my left was a tad bigger than the right only after a few days. Now it's significantly bigger :-((. My right side is still smaller & tight that it still hurts when I get up in the morning. I'm just gonna keep massaging & hope it loosens up...
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How's it going for you now? Did u need any revision. My breast are looking like yours some what, tho I think I might have Mal-position on top of this. I know u posted like over two years it's why I'm askin. Thanks
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Hi, I had BA done last week, and i think i may be experiencing the same thing. My left is larger firmer and high than the right. And i can feel fluid moving around at the bottom of my left breast. When I came out of surgery the surgeon came around and I pointed out that one was larger, please note the left breast was originally bigger so my surgeon advised that he will put a larger implant in the smaller breast to even it out. However during surgery he opted to use 380g in both breast and remove some of my tissue in the left breast to even it out. He said he did this because when he initially put the larger one in the right breast, it was a lot bigger than my left. At the moment i'm hoping that the reason the left is larger is due to swelling caused by more work being carried out oon the breast but all i can do is wait and see.
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It is too early, wait ayear and see. I think they will look very good at that time, and feel hust like any other breast, soft and firm at the same time.
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I am in the same situation that you are, and I am now 10 weeks post-op...my right breast has dropped & fluffed, my left breast is still high up...one looks much larger & higher than the other...
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Thanks for sharing...I thought I was the only one. Im so down about it...i hate looking in the mirror anymore. Hope we both even out soon!
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Do what I did take pictures each week. Take them naked and with a bra or bathing suit, in a tank top. Then start comparing the pics. I was the same way. but I can take the pics and compare them and they changed each week. I still have my days thinking they do not look big. No one can tell through my shirts that I got a BA. That was the whole reason I wanted one so I looked better in shirts but unless I wear something very revealing then you can not tell. But make sure you are going to your follow ups and massaging. My doctor told me if I did not massage I would be back in there within a month having another surgery for the Capsular. But I do know one of mine dropped faster and the other still looked way up on my chest and was tighter. But the one that took longer was the one he put more in because the other boob was bigger before the surgery.
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This answer from Dr. Williams, given for a related question, sums up the symptoms of CC pretty well: Signs of capsular contracture after breast augmentation

Some size differences are normal as you're healing. Have you seen any changes in the past 6 weeks?

Good luck with your recovery!

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Thanks for the info - I'll ck out his article! Btw I have unders. In the past week I noticed that the implant does not move around as much during massage - it feels tighter & im not sure if its the muscle or a case of CC?
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